We will work around the housework

Trial Plan

Why don’t you get our service on trial?

We are sure most of the people are afraid what kind of staff is coming for this service. But do not worry about it. There is the trial service only one day. Then you can decide it after that.

We can provide a real professional.
Our staff were given a special training for this job.
You can change staff anytime you like.
We Will be waiting for your contact, so please feel free to ask anything anytime.

One day trial service costs \5,000 / 2hours
(including tax and transportation for the staff)

We can give you so many kinds of services

Cleaning any places in the house , washing clothes. Each time the same staff visits your house basically, but you can change staff any time you like.
We can cook heartily, using stuff in your refrigerator, according to your request. We can also cook for a home party, such as birthday or anniversary, and so on.
We can also go shopping and buy stuff for meals, gifts or daily necessities if you like.
Putting things in order
We can make your rooms neat and clean. Any places are all right, such as closet, drawers, toilet, and so on.
Taking care of pets
We can take care of pets you are keeping while you are absent, taking them out for walking, feeding, cleaning the cage, cleaning their toilet and so on. But we cannot take care of reptiles, such as snakes or strange animals.
Supporting a senior person
Old people sometimes need care, so we can also take care of them, cooking, going shopping with them, doing some other house works, taking them to a hospital. Please leave it to us. But we never give medicine or do nursing care.
Looking after home while you are absent
We can supply water to the plants you are growing, cleaning in the house even when you are out for business or something. So you can live comfortably when you get back home.
Some other services in your place
When you are busy, we can do so many kinds of things in your place, even going to a city hall, going to the post office・・・whatever.
Irregular work
Only once, we can accept it such as the time you are sick or you have some happening and you need our help even on the very day. But it should be more than 2 hours.
Labor work
We have male staff. So when you need a staff or some staff to do some heavy labor work, please let us know.