We will work around the housework

All kinds of Houseworks

  • Cleaning
  • Washing
  • Cooking
  • Shopping
  • Maiking rooms neat and clean
  • Senior support
  • Pet sitter
  • Looking after your house


housework service

more than once a week, more than 2 hours. \3,150/hour(tax inc.) transportation \900

once a week 2hours \3,150 × 2hours + \900 = \7,200 four times a month \28,800
twice a week 3hours \3,150 × 3hours + \900 = \10,350 eight times a month \82,800
You can make a choice and combination of each plan is of course possible.
From 9:00 until 20:00, you can decide the time of our service.

house cleaning

once a week, 1staff, more than 2 hours (tax and transportation inc.)

once a week 1staff 2hours \7,600
2staff 2hours \14,000
3staff 2hours \19,200
once a month 1staff 2hours \9,500
2staff 2hours \17,000
3staff 2hours \25,500

Only one sudden service is available, But it should be more than 3 hours. (\15,000)~ (tax, transportation inc.)

We accept the sudden extra working if it is within 9:00 = 16:00. (more than 30 minutes.)
There is no cancelling fee, if you let us know by 5:00 the day before.
We use your cleaning stuff, range, pans, seasoning, detergent, electricity, gas, water, and so on. But we will bring special type of cloth, detergent and a fire extinguisher.